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Posted by Wirally Food on Saturday, April 28, 2018

Twist of taste – The ATP’s local flavors.


Mana Ananthapuram ruchulu
Hello all rocking food lovers of ATP, here I m posting few popular street food points to checkout the local special taste…

  1. •Haryana Jilebi -Opp to LIC office,Subhash road.
  2. •Gunta ponganalu -kamala nagar, near SV hospital.
  3. •Chat – Amrut sagar, Parklane bakers
  4. •Juices – kashmir cooldrinks (underground) @ paduka foot wear.
  5. •Dosa/idli/vada – Sujatha hotel @saptagiri circle
  6. •Chilli chicken – @nadimi vanka chicken kebab points.
  7. •Masala dosa- sainagar near Milton hospital
  8. •Bajji,Mysore bonda -Ashok Nagar cross.
  9. •Borugula mixture -Govind mixture beside Neelima theatre.
  10. •Cut mirchi – 1st road near over bridge.
  11. •Idli – 1st road opp to Raghavendra temple.
  12. •Egg dosa -beside raghuveera towers ( available only in early mornings… cooked on fire wood )
    •Uthappam: under over bridge, next to 1st road bajji shops.
  13. •Chicken pakoda – A food street beside nandini hotel.
  14. •Borugula mixture,nippattu masala – near Gowri theatre
  15. •Badam milk,fruit salad with ice cream -Maha veer ice creams.
    Next to Sri sagar restaurant,Subhash road.
  16. •Soda – Samagra 1st cross to 2nd cross main rd beside church
  17. •Tadipathri Biriyani – court Rd
  18. • Idili at Sapthagiri circle opposite to sindura wines is really good. Especially ground but chutney. Hotel operates still midnight.
    Similar taste anyone could find at gulzarpet opposite to niligiri badam milk.
  19. • Ayyappa Canteen/ Ayyappa Tea stal,..Tea,coffee,boost, Horlicks, Adi Murthy Nagar beside Tadipatri biriyani centre and NanduTimes We won’t Get like this taste in whole Anantapur if you Drink tea or coffee once, You will Drink daily There only because that taste is Simply super and Good
  20. • Idli with Peanut chutney started famous at Vittal building, Sanjeev Rao in Gulzarpet. Later his brother started at Saptagiri circle which is opposite to sindhura wines.
  21. • Lassi with malai and cashew paste-
    In kamala Nagar, near SRS lodge, opp Samhita clinic.
  22. • Guys try dosa at Karthik dosa camp near SBH Kalyan durg bypass road
  23. • Exclusively for non-veg dhaba food lovers:
    The tastiest and most economical option:
  24. After crossing canal and just before reaching ISKCON, there are 2 hotels on the left.
    If you carry chicken/ mutton/ fish with you, they will prepare the dish as you like on the firewood stoves. They charge 100 per 1 kg chicken you give them for cooking.
  25. I have been their customer since 2001. Trust me you will not get that taste at 4 times that price in any restaurants outside. All our birthday parties in all these 17 yrs have been done there only.
  26. You can get it packed also. But on weekends n holidays it might take a little longer. We usually take a stroll in the national park adjacent to it while they cook. Just give a special instruction to cook a little longer when there is rush.
  27. You can order phulkas/ chapatis (10rs each) with it or rice. Also taste their Rasam . It’s yummy.
  28. The hotel name is “chennakesava” restaurant
  29. • Chicken dosa – Court road
    • Pulka with curry – Venugopal Nagar
    • Lassi – Opposite Old Satyam Scanning Centre
    • Mutton Biriyani only in early hours – Kattakinda Street
    • Raagi Sangati Non veg curry – Beside Sai nagar church
    • All varieties of Snacks ( Max) – KSN degree college road
  30. • Mutyalreddy palkova, kamala Nagar
  31. • Lassi point for lassi n other juices in kamalanagar
  32.   If u want to try Best uggani bajji centre in atp…. Rammurthy Hotel is best place to try near nelima theatre railway gate
  33. Try Badam milk at nelagiri hotel near tower clock.
  34. Tea near tirumala movie land kamala nagar
  35. Best place to try Poori @ evening time opp emarald..kamala nagar


You can comment down the popular taste of ur choice which u feel the list must be updated with…

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The rush of all the vehicles halts at a man who is seen busy preparing masalas or soaking nicely snipped chicken pieces into a well-melted marination of local masalas in a tiny room.

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